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Neurology Associates Offering Telehealth/Video Appointments

Updated: 2 days ago

No need to cancel your time with your provider

Neurology Associates is doing its part to reduce patients’ exposure to the COVID-19 coronavirus. Patients who request it may conduct their neurology, counseling and behavioral appointments with our neurologists, counselor and psychiatric nurse practitioner over audio-video. (Please note, depending on condition, some new patients may need to see their neurologist in-person for the first visit. Call 480 800 4890 for more information.)

We suggest patients who are more susceptible to the novel coronavirus, who are ill or think they may be ill, have family members who are ill, or who may be under quarantine, take advantage of this service if possible. Otherwise, you do not have to cancel your in-person appointment. The federal government has eased telehealth requirements as COVID-19 spreads.

The ability to meet with your doctor over telephone and video is most important for patients at risk of falling gravely ill from COVID-19. According to the Centers for Disease Control, that population includes people, regardless of age, with underlying and/or chronic health conditions, including high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, cancer, respiratory problems and more.

Neurology Associates strongly recommends susceptible patients, especially, take advantage of this service to protect yourself and your family. To date, there is no vaccine or herd immunity for COVID-19. The ability to use telemedicine during the COVID-19 outbreak also offers greater protection from the flu, which remains in full swing.

Please note that, unfortunately, we cannot take new telehealth neurology patients during this time. We continue to provide in-person appointments in a controlled environment.

Also, the cancelation policy for telehealth visits is the same as if you canceled an in-person visit. Canceling a telehealth visit with less than 24 hours’ notice will result in a $50 fee.

If you have questions and/or think a telehealth appointment may be the right option for you during COVID-19, call us at 480 800 4890. Many insurers are relaxing their telehealth requirements because of COVID-19. We work with a number of insurance companies so we cannot promise in this document that yours is covering telehealth, but we will check for you when you make or change your appointment. If we encounter any issues, we will call you.

Using telehealth video is simple. All you need is a smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer with video and audio capabilities, and an updated internet browser. Please be sure to enable your camera and audio settings to use this service.

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