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Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)

For Patients
Our in-house MRI capabilities provide two main benefits to patients

  • Convenience – You no longer have to schedule neurological imaging appointments at different radiology offices and drive all over the Valley.

  • Consistency – Every MRI system is calibrated differently. Each time you have an MRI at Neurology Associates, you know the settings will remain the same. You and your neurologist will gain an accurate picture of any changes over time.


Concerned about paying for an MRI? We have good news.

  • Medicare, AHCCSS and most other insurance plans cover MRI services

  • We offer self-pay options for patients who do not have insurance

  • We also accept referrals for self-pay MRI exams ordered by physicians outside of Neurology Associates


Ask your primary care physician to refer you to Neurology Associates, or schedule an appointment directly by calling us at 480 800 4890.

For Physicians

Do you have patients requiring specialized neurological care, including MRI exams, but who cannot, or do not want to, travel all over the Valley to separate doctors and imaging centers?


Neurology Associates Neuroscience Center provides MRI exams in both our Chandler and Mesa clinics. As you seek to help your patients gain convenient access to MRIs that will show any changes over time accurately thanks to consistent calibration, refer them to Neurology Associates. 


Neurology Associates operates complete MRI systems in our Chandler and Mesa clinics. We use top-tier machines that deliver detailed information about conditions of the brain and spine. Our neurologists take that data and use it to tailor a treatment plan just for you.

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