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Memo to Patients Regarding the COVID-19 Coronavirus (Updated)

At Neurology Associates, patient safety and well-being are always top priority. In addition to our routine protocols to keep patients safe, we have implemented -- and will continue to implement, as needed -- additional measures to guard against COVID-19. We are closely following CDC guidelines and recommendations.

Neurology Associates is taking even greater health and safety precautions during COVID-19.

Neurology Associates is taking even greater health and safety precautions during COVID-19.

Although we are not currently experiencing any imminent threat, please rest assured that we have a plan in place to keep Neurology Associates a safe facility for both our staff and patients. As of April 2020, we are only seeing patients at our Chandler clinic, which is a highly controlled environment. We will soon open a new Mesa location that will be just as controlled. Also, Neurology Associates now also offers telehealth video appointments with our neurologists, naturopathic physician/counselor, and psychiatric nurse practitioner.

Steps We Are Taking:

  1. Ensuring Neurology Associates has access to health supplies as recommended by officials

  2. Spacing chairs in the waiting room a minimum of six feet apart to maintain social distancing among patients

  3. Installing sneezeguards at the front desk to protect patients and staff

  4. Allowing as few people as possible to accompany patients into the exam room

  5. Requiring neurologists, medical assistants, and other providers and technicians to wear protective equipment during appointments

  6. Instructing staff NOT to come to work if they develop a fever, COVID-19 symptoms, or have exposure to someone with known COVID-19

  7. Continuing to conduct routine cleaning while also disinfecting exam rooms in between patients

  8. Making sure staff remain well aware of the importance of hand washing

  9. Following prevention practices, and asking staff and patients to support the ongoing wellness of themselves and their families as outlined in the “Wellness Guidelines” below

Wellness Guidelines

  1. Cough into your elbow and/or use a tissue when you sneeze or cough.

  2. Maintain at least six feet between you and other people, if possible.

  3. Avoid touching your face, especially eyes, ears and nose.

  4. Wash your hands frequently with soap and warm water for 20 seconds.

  5. Consider getting a flu shot if you haven’t already.

  6. Eat a healthful, nutritious diet, get regular exercise and plenty of fresh air, and rest to support your immune system.

  7. Practice stress management techniques to support your wellness.

  8. If you start to feel ill, contact a medical professional immediately and do not go to work or another public location.

Please feel free to call us at 480 800 4890 with any questions about treatment during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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