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Neurology Associates Neuroscience Center Recruiting Additional Neurologists

Candidates can be generalists or specialists

CHANDLER, ARIZ., Dec. 6, 2019—Neurology Associates Neuroscience Center is hiring more board-certified neurologists to accommodate its increasing patient load.

To date, Neurology Associates employs six neurologists, several of whom specialize in areas including movement disorders, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, and other neurological conditions. This competency is essential and contributes to the characteristics that set Neurology Associates apart from other clinics. Neurology Associates welcomes applications from all qualified neurologist candidates; prospects who focus on domains that would enlarge Neurology Associates’ expertise are especially invited to submit their CVs.

Neurology Associates stands out from its peers thanks to the holistic care it provides in-house. This includes operating an accredited MRI machine on-site, an amenity that reduces the time and travel required for patients to receive scans, as well as offering on-site diagnostics (EMG, EEG, VENG), psychiatry, neuropsychology, physical therapy, naturopathic medicine, counseling, cognitive rehabilitation and more.

“Providers who want to align with a clinic that takes a unique, patient-centric approach to neurology will want to vet Neurology Associates as a potential place to work,” said Ali Hajaig, partner and CEO of Neurology Associates Neuroscience Center. “We structure our practice differently compared to other medical centers, and that’s a big reason why we attract and retain top talent.”

Interested doctors may apply through the Neurology Associates website or through PracticeLink.

About Neurology Associates Neuroscience Center

Neurology Associates Neuroscience Center specializes in the conditions and disorders linked to brain and spinal abnormalities. Neurology Associates takes patient care beyond typical boundaries, incorporating a truly holistic approach that encompasses psychiatry, neuropsychology, physical therapy, naturopathic medicine, counseling, cognitive rehabilitation and more. Neurology Associates is staffed by neurologists with different areas of focus, a psychiatric nurse practitioner, a doctor in physical therapy, naturopathic physicians and clinical psychologists. Neurology Associates has two Arizona locations, one in Chandler and one in East Mesa.

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