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Physician Supervised Cleanse Packages

Single: $275 || Team: $225/person (up to 4 people)

Packages include:

  1. Detox/Cleanse Protein Powders

  2. Detox/Digestive supplements

  3. Patient guide

  4. Two appointments with a Naturopathic Physician

  5. Personalized post-cleanse recommendations

Past participants report having experienced the following benefits:

  1. Increased energy

  2. Improved mood

  3. Increased blood circulation

  4. Help losing weight

  1. Improved digestion

  2. Reduced allergies

  3. Improved mental clarity & concentration

Why physician supervised? Having the support of a physician is the safest way to cleanse and it increases your chance of success. You will receive on-on-one or small group time to address your specific needs and get your questions answered. We tailor the program to you to maximize your benefit and dollars.

This is not a fast. We are talking about two weeks of intentional clean eating, supported by supplements to support the body and heal the gut, accompanied by two meetings with a Naturopathic Physician for the best results.

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