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Neurology Associates Offering Pediatric Neuropsychological Evaluations

CHANDLER, ARIZ., Sept. 26, 2019—Parents and guardians seeking government services for children and adolescents with disabilities require a diagnosis from a board-licensed psychologist. Neurology Associates Neuroscience Center is pleased to announce that it offers pediatric neuropsychological evaluations that may help families secure the assistance they need.

Adults with minors in their care also may have concerns that do not involve state or federal aid, yet still need help understanding the child’s condition. For example, a child may have been in a car accident or suffered a football injury – some kind of trauma that seems to affect cognitive and neurological function. Pediatric neuropsychological evaluations allow doctors to pinpoint the nature and depth of any issues, and offer insight for treatment.

These assessments apply across a variety of possible conditions and disorders. Sports-related concussions, car accidents, learning disabilities and ADHD rank among the leading reasons why older children and adolescents may need specialized testing.

For younger kids and toddlers, key indicators include attention issues, learning disabilities, car accidents, prenatal insult (such as loss of oxygen, trauma at birth, premature birth), autism, epilepsy, seizure disorders, developmental delays, and traumatic brain injury.

“If your child’s pediatrician, pediatric neurologist, or developmental specialist has recommended a neuropsychological evaluation, we can help,” said Ali Hajaig, CEO and founding partner of Neurology Associates. “In addition, if you are seeking assistance for your child from government agencies such as the Division of Developmental Disabilities, a diagnosis from a pediatrician or school won’t suffice. Arizona requires a diagnosis from a licensed psychologist for families to qualify for services.”

Clinical psychologist Dr. Jonna Dunlap provides these in-depth assessments at Neurology Associates' Chandler clinic. Pediatric neuropsychological evaluations take about eight hours; the time includes a lunch break to give patients a chance to rest.

Neurology Associates offers neuropsychological evaluations for minors on a cash-only basis.

About Neurology Associates Neuroscience Center

Neurology Associates Neuroscience Center specializes in the conditions and disorders linked to brain and spinal abnormalities. Neurology Associates takes patient care beyond typical boundaries, incorporating a truly holistic approach that encompasses psychiatry, neuropsychology, physical therapy, naturopathic medicine, counseling, cognitive rehabilitation and more. Neurology Associates is staffed by neurologists with different areas of focus, a psychiatric nurse practitioner, a doctor in physical therapy, naturopathic physicians and clinical psychologists. Neurology Associates has two Arizona locations, one in Chandler and one in East Mesa.

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