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Why Get a Full-Body MRI Scan from Neurology Associates

If you’re concerned you might have a condition such as cancer, fatty liver or disc herniation, as just some examples, then a full-body MRI scan might be in order so you get the answers you need.

Or, if you just want a look inside your system to see whether any issues are developing, a full-body MRI scan offers that knowledge.

At Neurology Associates Neuroscience Center, a full-body MRI scans from the hips up. This allows patients to understand whether they’re dealing with, or are about to face, problems including:

  • Cancer

  • Fatty liver

  • Multiple sclerosis, other neurological diseases*

  • Disc herniation

  • Issues with female reproductive organs

  • Spinal degeneration or other abnormalities

  • More

Unfortunately, insurance companies do not cover these imaging sessions; they consider full-body MRI scans to be elective procedures. However, Neurology Associates offers special pricing in an effort to bring full-body MRI scans to anyone interested.

*If you are a Neurology Associates patient and one of our doctors prescribes an MRI, this will be a neurology-specific scan and most likely covered by insurance because of its medically necessary status. 

Benefits of a Full-Body MRI Scan from Neurology Associates 

Undergoing a full-body MRI scan at Neurology Associates will bring you benefits you won’t receive elsewhere:

  • We have in-house doctors who will read your scan. Other imaging centers do not have doctors.

  • If our doctors spot a neurological concern, we’ll schedule an appointment with you. You’ll have access to all our resources, including naturopath, counselor, behavioral health, physical therapy, and more.

  • If the full-body MRI scan does not indicate neurological issues, one of our nurse practitioners or PAs will call you, review results, and recommend next steps (if any). It’s guidance you won’t receive anywhere else.

  • You don’t need to secure a prior authorization or doctor’s referral. Because a full-body MRI scan is elective, all you have to do is schedule your appointment with us.

Cost, Payment Methods for a Full-Body MRI Scan from Neurology Associates

Neurology Associates offers full-body MRI scan pricing for individuals and couples. Individuals pay $1,850; couples, $3,700.

Full-body MRI scans are provided on a cash-only basis. We are able to accept HSA and FSA payments for this imaging.

Time, Location Details for a Full-Body MRI Scan at Neurology Associates

Expect to spend up to 75 minutes in the machine for a full-body MRI scan. If you struggle with claustrophobia or restlessness, our MRI techs are extremely skilled at helping you relax throughout the imaging process. 

Neurology Associates offers full-body MRI scans at our Chandler clinic

Call 480 800 4890 to make your appointment. 

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