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Telehealth Appointments

What is Telehealth?

In addition to seeing patients in person in Chandler and Mesa, Arizona, we also offer telehealth appointments. 

Telehealth appointments are the video alternative to seeing your provider in person. Advantages include not having to leave your home, not having to drive, and maintaining social distancing. All you need is a decent broadband connection, a modern device (smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer) that supports video and audio, and an appointment.


Existing, and many new, patients may schedule telehealth visits, no matter where you live in Arizona or if you live out of state full- or part-time.  The majority of insurance companies have relaxed their telehealth requirements because of COVID-19; before calling us, verify your insurance coverage for telehealth visits. We also offer self-pay options.


Neurology Associates offers telehealth appointments for all neurologists and Arshad Aziz, PA-C, as well for Dr. Marnie Whitley, Kerby McDonald, and, to some extent, our physical therapist, Eric Gee. Please review the Frequently Asked Questions section below, then call us to schedule your video visit.

We Accept Out-of-State Patients

via Telehealth Video Appointments

We are pleased to offer telehealth appointments to existing and new patients outside of Arizona.* If you’re a snowbird or other part-time resident, this means you now may benefit from continuity of care with your neurologist or other Neurology Associates provider year-round.


And, depending on condition, new patients also now have access to our highly respected neurologists, naturopathic physician and counselor, psychiatric nurse practitioner, and physical therapist.


Our ability to care for out-of-state patients comes as regulators and insurance companies relax the requirements for seeing doctors and other providers over video. Please review the Frequently Asked Questions section below, then call us to schedule your telehealth visit.


*There may be some exceptions or limitations to our ability to see someone who lives out of state. Please call us at 480 800 4890 so we can determine your eligibility for telehealth appointments.

  • I’m a new patient. May I do my initial visit over video?
    It depends. Ideally, our neurologists need to meet all new patients in person the first time. This allows our doctors to conduct physical examinations as called for, and gather any other data that may be difficult or impossible to collect over video. Importantly, visits for some conditions, including Parkinson’s disease and multiple sclerosis, do require an in-person initial visit. Diagnosis and/or first-time treatment of these diseases requires hands-on analysis. We realize some patients may be extremely concerned about going out in public, especially during virus season. It is important to know that Neurology Associates takes health and safety precautions seriously, providing as protected a space as we possibly can to both patients and staff. Please call us at 480 800 4890 to discuss your specific needs and questions.
  • I’m an existing patient. May I change an in-person appointment to telehealth?
    Yes, if you are seeing a neurologist, and/or our naturopathic physician/counselor, our psychiatric nurse practitioner, or, depending on treatment, our physical therapist. Just call us at 480 800 4890 for details specific to your inquiry.
  • Does insurance cover telehealth appointments?
    Most insurance companies relaxed their restrictions on medical video visits during COVID-19 and have kept those modern policies in place. If you are unsure whether your insurer will cover telehealth, please call that insurance company. Telehealth coverage is determined by insurer, not Neurology Associates.
  • I’m a self-pay patient. Can I use telehealth?
    Yes, although it depends on the reason for the visit. Some providers and all technicians still must conduct appointments in person (see the next question for details). Also, if you are a new patient, we likely will need you to come in to the clinic for the first visit (please refer to the first question in this FAQ). Call us at 480 800 4890 for more information.
  • Which services require an in-person appointment?
    All neuropsychological and medical marijuana evaluations, as well as all injections, infusions, and diagnostic tests, including MRIs, must be done in person. Most physical therapy is done in person as well, although some may be conducted over video. Please call us at 480 800 4890 for more information, including in which clinic these services are offered.
  • Is there a cancelation policy for telehealth appointments?
    Yes, the same policy applies as if you canceled an in-person visit. Canceling a telehealth appointment with less than 24 hours’ notice will result in a $50 fee.
  • How do video appointments work?
    The process works much the same as if you were in the office. To that point, please sit in as quiet and private a space as possible during your video appointment. This minimizes any distractions, interruptions and noise for both you and your provider. Here is a step-by-step overview of how video appointments work: 1. We will send the link to your private video call in advance of your remote appointment. This works best over email but we can send a text if needed. 2. Fifteen (15) minutes before your appointment time, click the link we provided. 3. Enter your first and last names when prompted. (Refer to the next section, “Technology Requirements,” for information about enabling your camera and microphone.) 4. A front desk associate will answer your video call, verify your insurance information and collect your copay. 5. The associate will then transfer your call to your medical assistant, who will be in a private room and will collect health information from you, the same as if you were in the room together. 6. Once that is concluded, the medical assistant will leave the room and notify the doctor that you are waiting. You will not be placed on hold; the call will stay live as if you were actually in the room. 7. Your doctor will then come into the private room and conduct your appointment as if you were together in person. 8. When you and your doctor are done, your medical assistant will return and check you out. 9. When your appointment ends, make sure to close the link.
  • Technology Requirements: How do I conduct a telehealth appointment with Neurology Associates?
    We use a very simple platform called Doxy that works on modern laptops, smartphones, tablets and desktop computers with audio and video capabilities. Regulations require that our providers see you throughout your remote appointment. Video appointments are not compatible with Kindle readers, or the Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa smart speakers. Your device or computer must use the latest version of the Safari, Firefox or Chrome internet browser and have JavaScript enabled (the system will alert you if this setting is disabled). Doxy will not install an application on your phone, computer or other device. Doxy requires access to the device’s camera and microphone/speakers. When Doxy prompts, enable these capabilities after entering your name. Please remove any tape or other coverings you may have placed over your device’s camera. We highly recommend using a high-quality internet connection. If you are on a smartphone or tablet, use mobile data if you have an unlimited plan. On a laptop or desktop computer, you may experience better quality by using an Ethernet cord between your computer and router and/or modem instead of using Wi-Fi. If using Wi-Fi, consider sitting as close as possible to your router. If you are using a smartphone, please do not enable the Do Not Disturb function. The provider will no longer be able to hear you. On any device you use – smartphone, laptop, tablet or desktop computer – close as many other programs as possible, other than the call with your doctor, to increase connection quality. If you are encountering issues not addressed in this FAQ, search this link. If the Doxy troubleshooting information did not address your issue, please call 480 800 4890, ext. 426.
  • Does Neurology Associates take my insurance?
    Neurology Associates accepts most major insurance plans. Our staff will verify that we accept your specific plan prior to any treatment or visits. See our insurance page for more information.
Self-Pay-Eligible Services

Call us at 480 800 4890 for pricing

  • New patient consultation (any neurologist, depending upon condition, or Kerby McDonald)

  • Established patient follow-up (any provider)

  • Behavioral health (Kerby McDonald)

  • Physical therapy

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