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Movement Disorders

(A Sub-Specialty of Neurology)

Available at Our Chandler and Mesa Clinics


People with a movement disorder -- such as Parkinson's disease, essential tremor, dystonia or another condition -- benefit from working with an expert neurologist rather than a general primary care physician. Movement disorders doctors undergo extensive, targeted education, and gain hands-on experience with patients. Dr. Marianne De Lima is the movement disorders specialist at Neurology Associates in Chandler; Dr. Ming-Jai Liu helps movement disorders patients in Mesa. Both neurologists hold comprehensive knowledge of the various disorders, as well as their associated therapies. Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) is one of those possible therapies. Dr. De Lima provides assessments for movement disorder patients to determine whether they are a candidate for DBS and, if so, which device would be best. After surgery, Dr. De Lima then programs the DBS implant to the patient's unique needs. She also tailors an overall care plan for each patient. 

Many people with a movement disorder tend to wait until their disease has entered the later stages to see a specialist. However, teaming up with a movement disorders neurologist as early as possible is ideal. No matter how far a patient's movement disorder has progressed, though, Dr. De Lima and Dr. Liu help each person plan, prepare, and adapt with as much quality of life as possible. 

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