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Neurologist FAQ #5: Do Neurologists Treat Depression?

Updated: Mar 28

Recent statistics indicate that almost one-quarter of U.S. adults felt depressed within the last two weeks.

That’s a significant number of people.

What's the Tie Between Depression and Neurology?

Because depression can reflect underlying neurological issues (arising from a stroke, for example, or traumatic brain injury or Parkinson's disease, as two other examples), neurologists do indeed treat depression — although a psychiatrist or psychologist tends to work more one-on-one with the patient on an ongoing basis.

That’s typically the case here at Neurology Associates. A patient dealing with depression will see the neurologist to uncover and address any physical causes, while also working with our psychiatric nurse practitioner and/or additional providers on the behavioral health aspects. Importantly, the neurologist and other providers collaborate to develop a comprehensive treatment plan for you, the patient.

If you’re facing depression and think there may be a neurological root, please make an appointment at 480 800 4890.

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