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Neurology Associates Offers Video Appointments Throughout AZ, US

Relaxed Regulations Amid COVID-19 Make Extended Reach Possible

Isolation due to COVID-19 only adds to the stress of living with a chronic or undiagnosed neurological condition. People still need to see their doctors but may be too afraid, or otherwise unable, to visit even a controlled medical facility.

Neurology Associates now fills the gap through telehealth (video-audio) services – and not just for existing patients. Due to relaxed regulations amid the coronavirus pandemic, the practice also accepts many new, statewide, out-of-state and self-pay telehealth patients.

This comes as welcome news for snowbirds who have returned to their homes up north and want continuity of care, and for almost anyone else needing expert brain and spinal attention during COVID-19.

“Being able to help people regardless of their location is vital right now,” said Dr. Andrea An, head neurologist at Neurology Associates. “Many patients are isolated and struggling not just with physical health, but with mental health as well. Now more than ever, they need to know they have care and support.”

Uncovering and treating neurological disorders remains imperative during a pandemic; yet, the task becomes more difficult when patients cannot or will not leave their homes. Even though Neurology Associates has implemented a number of precautions – including spacing waiting room chairs at least six feet apart and installing sneezeguards at the front desk – patients need alternatives to in-person visits. Neurology Associates has responded by rolling out a very simple, secure video platform for telehealth appointments.

Most new patients will immediately be able to use telehealth. However, suspected or known Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis and some other disorders require an initial in-person visit with a neurologist for hands-on examinations and observation. After that, though, the majority of patients may conduct follow-up appointments via telehealth.

All patients who see a Neurology Associates neurologist, whether in person or over video, have the opportunity to work with several other providers at the clinic, three of whom also offer telehealth services. Neurology Associates’ naturopathic physician and counselor, psychiatric nurse practitioner and physical therapist each are meeting with patients via video, as able. Other services, including infusions, diagnostic procedures, MRI exams, and neuropsychological evaluations, remain in-person.

Eligibility for telehealth visits depends on factors including neurological condition and insurance coverage. Neurology Associates also offers self-pay plans for telehealth appointments.

About Neurology Associates Neuroscience Center

Neurology Associates Neuroscience Center specializes in the conditions and disorders linked to brain and spinal abnormalities. Neurology Associates takes patient care beyond typical boundaries, incorporating a truly holistic approach that encompasses psychiatry, neuropsychology, physical therapy, naturopathic medicine, counseling, cognitive rehabilitation and more. Neurology Associates is staffed by neurologists with different areas of focus, a psychiatric nurse practitioner, a doctor in physical therapy, naturopathic physicians and clinical psychologists. Neurology Associates has two Arizona locations, one in Chandler and another opening soon in northeast Mesa.

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